Comprehensive ship mechanics service

Ships’ engines are subject to heavy wear and tear during use and an engine room breakdown can lead to the ship’s departure being postponed, with all the consequences that this may entail. Therefore, having a good ship mechanic is the best option for resolving any incident as quickly as possible.


Why use a ship mechanic?

Ship mechanics is a complex business, as ship engines are composed of a large number of parts, connections and electrical components. This means that finding any anomaly in their operation requires a high level of ship mechanics knowledge.

A merchant navy marine mechanic must not only have the necessary experience to analyse the engine, but also the appropriate resources. Some of the most common operations are the repair of engines, generator sets and water, oil and fuel pumps, as well as air compressors, winches and all types of machinery installed on the ship.

Additionally, boiler work, pipe construction and welding work on board may be required; with turning, grinding and milling work; as well as the construction of parts, either in single units or in series. Companies specialising in the maritime sector such as Suisca Group can provide you with a good ship mechanic.


Ship mechanics specialists

A ship mechanic has a wide knowledge of ship mechanics; he can deal with all kinds of engine problems and carry out a wide range of ship repair and maintenance services.

The following is some of the work carried by a ship’s mechanic:

Mechanical repairs

  • Disassembly and assembly of engine components, such as cylinder heads, pistons and coolers.
  • Support to crew or technicians in maintenance and repair work.
  • Repair of all types of pumps, such as fuel, oil and centrifugal ones.
  • Recovery of impellers as well as exhaust valves.
  • Arrangement of turbo engine generators.
  • Timing of auxiliary engine injectors, as well as the replacement of nozzles.
  • Construction of axles and transmissions.
  • Special seal manufacture.
  • Replacement of bearings and repair of shafts in electric motors.
  • Replacement of seal kits and repair and construction of hydraulic cylinder pistons.
  • Repair, recovery and replacement of crane pulleys and ropes.
  • Brushing of engine generator cylinder liners.
  • Anchor and chain replacement.


  • All types of welding work in general, using autonomous equipment.
  • Manufacture of steel pipes of all dimensions.
  • Replacement and building of hydraulic steel pipes.
  • Construction and repair of tanks.
  • Rehabilitation of damaged hydraulic installation sections.
  • Manufacture and arrangement of ventilation hoses.
  • Filling and machining of welds on different engine parts.
  • Manufacture of bedplates.
  • Blowtorch cutting of welded parts under special loads.
Specialists in ship mechanics
The ship mechanic can solve any engine problem thanks to his specialised knowledge of ship mechanics. Image by Freepik.


Advantages of a professional ship mechanics company

There are several reasons why it is worth trusting a company like Suisca Group. The following are some of the most important ones:

  • Appropriate machinery and tools: Naval engines are highly complex. To be able to handle them, you need the right tools. If not, you may aggravate the failure and suffer higher repair costs.
  • Use of leading manufacturer parts: Top quality parts are required for repair work. Only leading brands guarantee maximum reliability of their products.
  • Convenience: Repairing a ship is a complex task. Hiring a merchant navy marine mechanic is the fastest and safest way to solve breakdowns without having to worry about anything else.

Professional knowledge: Long experience in the sector means a ship mechanic is able to deal adequately with repairs.


The best ship mechanics

The Suisca Group has over 30 years of experience in the naval sector. It has different branches in the Gran Canaria ports of Tenerife, Algeciras and Huelva. It offers a wide range of services, such as ship mechanics, lifting, transport, logistics, surface treatment, engineering and catering.

Customer satisfaction is the company’s best guarantee. For this reason, its work is based on generating maximum confidence and thus being able to guarantee ships can continue their journey in complete safety.

As can be sees, a ship’s mechanic is essential to guarantee the operation of the ship’s engine. Suisca Group is a reliable maritime partner, with a team of professionals having extensive experience in ship mechanics. It offers general ship mechanics services in the main ports of west Africa and Southern Europe. As a result, you can enjoy journeys in complete safety and confidence. If you have any questions or queries, please contact our company.