New Suisca Group website

The Suisca Group, in its commitment to innovation and vanguard, has renewed its digital channel to offer a space for knowledge and interaction with its partners.

This new website shows the growth of the group, facilities of each headquarters, staff and technology that is used every day to support the main shipping lines throughout all the ports where services are provided.

In its commitment to providing exceptional service, the Suisca Group maximises its communication strategy to focus on key elements by ensuring 24-hour, 365 days a year support. This strengthens the group’s mission, enabling it to serve whatever the customer needs, wherever and whenever they need it.

In this way, resources are mobilised towards a virtual space that will promote the visibility of the services offered by the group and initiate a strategy that will allow transactions to be carried out in a single place, regardless of the customer’s location.

Digitalisation is becoming stronger in the maritime sector and the Suisca Group will offer valuable content on a regular basis so that all stakeholders have a space where they can find information and interact with a business group that is constantly growing.