Suisca Group. Your general ship supplier and port service provider.

Suisca Group is the comprehensive service provider and general ship supplier in port you want to cover all your needs. Thanks to our extensive service experience as chandlers you will get to enjoy recreational and professional navigation without a worry.

About Us

We are Suisca Group, your maritime partner, a company with 30 years of experience on its back. We are specialists of the maritime sector via subsidiaries and branch companies in all the main ports of Spain. And we are also strategically partnered in other West African ports. Our service offer consists of Suisca Projects & Services, Suisca Cables and Suisca Iberia. We are located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Algeciras and Huelva.

At Suisca Group we specialise in ships and port service. We provide immediate service available 24 hours a day to solve any issue or supply necessity. We offer a personalized focus to each customer and we adapt our services in each particular case. Our guarantee: if you need it, we’ll have it ready for you. This is why we have partners rather than clients. We all work together for most of the year, and we bring the strategic value of the location of our ports.

Suisca Projects & Services S.L.

At Suisca Group we’ve been working in the maritime sector for more than 30 years. With a sustainable and environmentally mindful attitude, we focus our efforts in providing comprehensive ship servicing based on mutual trust and a care for the environment.

Thanks to our wide range in offer, our focus on ship supplying allows us to cover practically any vessel need.

Suisca Cables

Here you will find a variety of steel wire ropes, steel cables, slings and lifting equipment. This branch of the group offers a technical service. You can count on us to help you transport these or any other materials, you can also count on us in case of breakdown or emergency.

Suisca Iberia

At Suisca Iberia we are a successful jack of all trades: We offer a wide array of ship products from different categories such as food, frozen products, duty free goods, components and parts or emergency signaling pyrotechnics and materials. We are the suppliers to go to if you find yourself in a tight spot. We are never short on anything you need thanks to our extensive stock. From our main offices and centres of operations in Huelva and Algeciras we cover the south of Spain and Portugal. You can contact us for all your daily recurring needs, or just to get that very specific product you are after.

We have all certifications and authorisations required to operate in our market. We’ve also signed the sector’s most important treaties and accords, as befits our company and the ethical code we stand for.

Representaciones & Charts

This company’s focus is on the distribution of all naval sector publications, charts and other related information. It’s a critical service for those depending on constantly updated information. Another highlight of the company, our nautical charts and other documents essential to navigate safe waters, are available on paper and digitally.

Port Services

Our aim is to provide a full, comprehensive service that meets your requirements at our ports. Our companies work hard to fulfill your needs at our ports and wherever you go. Our services include supplying, offshore services, wire rope and sling commercialisation and quality nautical charts.

Ship suppliers

Our main goal consists of providing all the elements a seafaring professional needs on a daily basis. Not just ship specific materials, navigating is much more than a boat ride, but the whole range of what ship supplying means while catering to the demands of all crew members. You will be able to obtain the very best for your travels thanks to our service, backed by many different brands and with thousands of products available.

We have an extensive catalog of services as ship suppliers.

Surface treatment and offshore services

When a ship navigates foreign waters it may find itself in need of service. However, legal barriers or even language barriers can hinder even simple tasks such as maintenance or the hiring of professionals, and become a real nuisance. Our offshore service covers you, whether your vessel needs a new paint job, repairs, or hiring crew members for a specific route. Ours is the service you need in order to navigate comfortably to international ports.

Wire rope and sling suppliers

Depending on its structure, steel wire ropes can be an essential part of running a ship. In such cases, a failure or partial deterioration of the material represents more than a problem, especially when out to sea. In order to prevent this we recommend you stock up with our products. We have steel slings available as well as polyester slings. Get in touch with us and you will find a helpful, specialized professional on the other end of the line.

The best nautical charts

In our sector, up-to-date nautical charts are indispensable to navigation. And while on your travels you will need to have other documents available as well, like permits, authorizations, and certifications. With our help, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Open 24h

One of the many advantages of working with us is that we are available 24 hours a day, always ready to fulfill the needs of our customers. Time or place are not of importance, you have full support at the other end of the line for anything you require. We work out any needed procedures in order to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Suisca Group is a solvent company and with full capacity to offer every service customers and businesses of the sector may need. We are committed to excellence in service as ship suppliers, we are committed to your satisfaction and your comfort.