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When you go to sea, you need to be able to rely on all the necessary equipment. Vessel shackles are an essential element, which is why we at Suisca Group offer a wide range for our customers. You’ll always be able to find what you need in our catalogue.

A wide range of boat shackles

In general, the most common materials used for the manufacture of shackles for vessels are high resistance and St. steel. What’s most important is that these are capable of preventing corrosion, which may develop as a result of humidity and sea salt accumulated over time. 

Among the most popular models in our range, you’ll find: 

  • Straight shackles.
  • Bow shackles.
  • Long shackles, which provide extra distance when it comes to bringing together various elements. 
  • Swivels, ideal for those situations in which movement is a key variable. 
  • For anchors. We also have specific models for these situations, normally used as connection points for moorings, and often include screw-in bolt pins.
  • Kenter type: is used to connect two separate lengths of chains. The shackle consists of two separate halves that are securely joined together with a centre chock and taper pin.

At Suisca Group, we sell all sorts of boat shackles. Because nothing is more important than safety at sea.