Steel wire ropes

The steel cables for vessels that we produce and sell at Suisca P&S can be easily delivered to any port in the Canary islands. Our range includes cables between 2 and 36 millimetres. However, if you require pieces of any other dimensions, we can try and source these for you.

Quality equipment for all types of vessels

We at Suisca Group offer the following characteristics in our steel cables for vessels.

  • Fibre core. This is the support for the cable strands. Ideal if the humidity and temperatures at which they will be used allow for this option.
  • Steel core. A very popular type of support, given its greater firmness and resistance.
  • Anti-rotational. Steel cables for vessels have a helical shape, and as such tend to rotate on themselves if subject to heavy loads. For lifting systems with two or more cables, this ability to rotate may cause the cables to become entwined. That’s why anti-rotational properties are important for certain cables.
  • Stainless. Avoiding corrosion, a fundamental property in marine environments, makes stainless-steel cables the most popular option.
  • Plastic-coated. For greater protection, this type of steel cable for vessels is coated in PVC or polyamide.

We offer models suited to all uses, climates and specificities. As a result, the range offered by Suisca Group is one of the best rated on the market.