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Accessories (Flags, IMO Signs, etc.)

To head out to sea in total safety, it’s important that you have all the right equipment. From safety elements and maritime flags to nautical charts and all the accessories related to their use.

At Suisca Group, we guarantee total satisfaction for all the products and services we offer to ports and vessels. That’s why our catalogue of supplies and nautical items includes all the accessories you need related to navigation planning.

Using nautical charts

Nautical charts are scale representations of navigable waters and surrounding land regions. These constitute a fundamental element in defining routes to be followed and sailing in optimal conditions. They include any possible dangers that may be encountered on the seas, as well as the depth of the water.

However, in order to actively consult and work with these materials, you must have access to a series of related products and support materials ,including flags and signals for ships. What’s more, we offer photo-luminescent posters and markings, rulers, compasses, goniometers, angle protractors, signage, storage stands, table lights to facilitate their consultation, sextants and complete navigation sets, as well as watertight cases for safe storage, avoiding the risk of charts becoming soaked in any circumstances.

In short, we offer all the equipment required to facilitate the consultation and use of navigation charts. For example, maritime flags to signal locations and destinations.