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In order to sail the seas and reach safe harbour, nautical charts are an essential requirement. You’ll need to be able to rely on totally up-to-date charts and know how to use them. That’s why we at Suisca Group offer a wide range of nautical publications of all types, from navigation charts to log books.

These have the institutional and technical backing of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, or UKHO, the main supplier of hydrographic and geospatial data for seafarers and maritime organisations.

Use the right documentation

Sailing is safer and more reliable when you have up-to-date and well-documented nautical charts. According to their scales and content, we can differentiate between the following types:

  • General. These feature a large stretch of coastline and are used for ocean navigation.
  • Route. These are used for medium distances.
  • Coast. These are essential for recognising coasts and getting around them.
  • Approach. These are required when approaching a port or arriving at geographical features.
  • Portolan. With a scale of more than 1/25,000, these represent small coastal and sea areas in detail, such as coves, ports, inlets or creeks.
  • River sketches.

Some of these include cartouche: larger representations of specific spaces within a broader map.

Our collection includes polar, equatorial and horizontal charts, as well as bathymetric charts with all sorts of valuable information. As a result, at Suisca Group, we offer the best nautical charts for all types of sailing.