Vessels painting is a highly important element and serves as the basis for the protection of a vessel’s structure against various external factors. However, we should not forget the importance of the blasting process, which must always be carried out before painting.

Specialists in painting and surface treatment

Any steel surface must be prepared using a blasting system before being exposed to the elements. This ensures the following: 

  • Removes any contaminants, like general dirt, grease or rust.
  • Removes any calamine or scale to avoid this interfering with and obstructing contact between the coating and the steel.
  • Removes welding seams and sharp edges.

Blasting will also need to be carried out if the hull of the boat has previously been painted, as these damaging contaminants can also be found on these surfaces. In fact, if we detect that the existing paint job is not in good condition – as a result of the above conditions – we will remove it entirely, just like any other contaminant. We at Suisca Group are specialists in blasting and surface treatments