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Crew manning

At Suisca Group, we offer our clients a wide and innovative variety of services, focused on providing the greatest peace of mind and maximum professionalism in the maritime sector. Crew manning is a high-end service that improves the range of services provided by Suisca Group

What is crew manning?

Through this service, you can count on specialist staff, capable of joining the crew of one or more vessels at a specific port of call. We offer all kinds of professionals: from electricians to mechanics, captains, and sailors of all types. This is the perfect way to be sure you have the team you need at any time, suitable for all types of vessels – whether it’s a cargo, cruise ship, tanker or any other type of vessel

This way, you can always rely on the professionals you need, when you need them, improving the experience on your vessel. Experienced a malfunction that an expert could solve without having to stop? Or, perhaps a maintenance service is required on board carried out by duly certified professionals?

All you need to do is get in touch with us to explain exactly what you need and where, and the best crew manning experts will supply your boat with the most-qualified professionals in record times.