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The supply of different products to ships in ports is one of the most important services you may need to guarantee compliance with the logistics chain and, in this way, not waste time or money. For this reason, at Suisca Group we provide you with a working system that guarantees correct coordination and efficiency at all times.

Supply to all your ships immediately

We have extensive experience attending to all types of vessels, including military, cargo, fishing and cruise ships. In addition, we can offer our services throughout the entire national territory, as well as beyond our borders. We meet all deadlines and we guarantee maximum security in all the orders we can carry out.

Our offer is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, giving you the peace of mind that comes from having an expert team at your side who will know how to make decisions in the event of the unexpected. This way, we can deliver all your products successfully.

Our team is uniquely coordinated in all parts of the production chain, and we can deliver a wide variety of supplies in different formats. Food is one of our specialities, regardless of whether it is dry, frozen or refrigerated. In addition, we can bring to the ship any kind of technical tools, industrial machinery or navigation items you may need. We can also take care of the supply of duty free items, especially for cruises.

At Suisca Group we guarantee you a committed team with extensive experience in the supply of all types of products to your boats, so you won’t have to worry about this part of your logistics chain. This way, you won’t have to worry about this part of your logistics chain. Request more information without obligation and we will send you a personalised quote!