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Ship Chandler

Our Ship Chandler service consists in offering all types of items, equipment and supplies for vessels, as well as ensuring port logistics and storage services and assignments. At Suisca Group we specialise in ensuring satisfaction – in a field in which we have a wealth of experience. We work with the best professionals and companies to provide any equipment that a vessel may need, whether in port or at sea.

Ship supplies and other services


We are, in a way, a supermarket for vessels – as well as a leading provider for vessels in any port or stopover. We provide food – dry or fresh – drinks, hygiene products, bed linen, uniforms and any other sailing equipment.

For this, we rely on the best professionals and provider companies in order to ensure this service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For any onboard needs, we’ll offer the solution with efficiency and agility – exactly where you need it. And always as quickly as possible.

As a result, we are the provider of choice for an increasing number of crews and vessels across the world. Our reliability, speed and efficiency is matched only by the quality of our products and the excellent conditions of our services.

When it comes to ship supplies or maritime assignments of any kind, Suisca Group is always the leading option. We guarantee the solution you need.