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Logistics and storage

Port logistics and storage tasks can often be complicated by the huge flow of goods and people present, as well as by the characteristics of the infrastructure available at certain sites. That’s why, and with the aim of continuing to satisfy all our customers’ marine needs, we provide a service that facilitates logistics management for vessels.

A unique service

Simplifying, accelerating, cutting expenses, saving time and facilitating logistics tasks are some of the key characteristics of this specialised service offered by Suisca Group. We have the structures, equipment and procedures to adapt to every situation, thereby significantly streamlining the processes of delivering and receiving goods. Of course, we also ensure the storage of products and goods in transit.

Best of all, by outsourcing these tasks, you’ll considerably reduce investments in time, staffing and money, as we can adapt every solution applied to the specific characteristics and circumstances of each port and each vessel.  More and more customers rely on this Suisca Group service to improve their port logistics at major sites across the world.

We specialise in satisfying any request related to the maritime world… And this is no exception. We ensure absolute efficiency, reliability and agility in port logistics and storage.